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    About Footballers Lives

    What is Footballers Lives?
    Footballers Lives is a premium video service that chronicles the lives of football players off the field. Enjoy watching star-studded sensations coming down to earth via snappy videos and interviews delivered straight to your mobile device.

    What do I do with Footballers Lives?
    Get to know your favourite football stars behind the spotlights, chants, and scoreboards. Dig into dressing room confessions, childhood shenanigans, the music they love, the movies they don’t, odd quirks and obsessions, pre-match rituals, post-match revelries, the food they crave, the demons they’ve slayed, life-defining breakdowns, lesser-known triumphs, and everything in between that makes them so human and special. Enjoy unlimited access to star-studded videos and interviews – a must-watch for every football fan.

    Am I eligible to use Footballers Lives?
    All subscribers must be 18+ or have received permission from a parent or legal guardian, or anyone authorised to pay the mobile bill.

    Is Footballers Lives compatible with my device?
    The service is compatible with all smartphones and requires 3G and up. You will need a modern web browser to use the service.

    How much does the service cost?
    The service is free for the first 24 hours after which you will be charged GBP 4.50/week

    How can I manage my subscription?
    Contact our Customer Care team to learn more about your subscription status. To cancel the service, please unsubscribe via the menu option, or send an email to

    How do I get in touch with customer care?

    Why does your service show up with a different name on my mobile phone bill?
    This is mainly due to limitations on an operator’s billing and invoicing platform.

    Who regulates your services?
    There are government agencies that regulate the mobile business. In addition, each mobile operator has their own set of rules and regulations. We are adding our own rules to ensure everything is secure.


    How was I subscribed to the service?
    You visited one of our promotional pages and clicked on the subscription button.

    How can I check and manage my subscription?
    Contact our Customer Care team. If you’d like to cancel your subscription, please unsubscribe via the menu option or contact Customer Care.

    Can I change the mobile number in my account?
    No. The number registered with the service upon subscription will be used.

    Customer Care

    How do I reach out to Customer Care?